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A title-less short story I drew last year, "ill-fated though promising short-story" (quoted from a friend who actually has read the whole comics). Be careful ; use the Japanese reading way (right to left)... The French version is just below.

The conclusion... (still Japanese reading way).

Une nouvelle déssinée l'année dernière. Attention, cette BD se lit dans le sens de lecture japonais (c'est à dire bulles et cases de la droite vers la gauche).


  1. Well... I guess "venality" isn't the most accurate translation for "morfale", but it's still a pleasure to rediscover this ill-fated though promising short story (I still have the photocopy, you know).
    But why don't you just release the whole story in one stroke ? Lazy boy !

  2. I translated "morfale" by "greedy bitch" which is worse than the original word but I really found nothing else. Why won't I release everything at once ? To teach you patience !! (which is dumb as you already know the story, but luckily you're not the only one that reads the blog!)


Thanks for your comment !

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