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I say it a lot, but this time it's true : I have ZERO time to draw (seriously, I shouldn't even go out ever given how much I'm supposed to work and study), but I think I've let this blog rot too long so I'll try to post these kind of elaborate doodles (two hours from sketch to finished product) between bigger artworks and comics pages. As you can see, I'm trying new things, just tell me what you think about it.
J'ai de moins en moins de temps à consacrer au dessin, mais en même temps j'ai abandonné ce blog un peu trop longtemps, donc je vais essayer de publier ces croquis élaborés (2 heures du brouillon au produit final) entre des illustrations plus importantes. J'essaye de nouvelles choses, faites moi savoir ce que vous en dites !


  1. Damned, she looks like Atika XD

    1. Wasn't Atika a blonde ? Anyway, I miss her and Nicolas ! Any new projects coming ?

  2. More or less, Atika was blonde, depending the weather u___u Sure, she had the same shoes XD

    My new project : http://minuitquarante-huit.webcomics.fr/about

    And I'm ready for another project with a writer from Delcourt... wait and see...


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